Travel America Truck Stop Plazas


Is anyone working on Travel America Plazas? I use them quite a bit while traveling.


here is one

Is this what you are looking for?

Miss Poi

not quite, Miss poi

Miss poi's link is to petro travel plaza. I haven't seen that anyone has created a TA file yet.


Travel America Uploaded


I just uploaded what you were asking for, you can find it at:

The good folks at TA already had a spreadsheet with the Lattitude and Longitude of each of their locations, along with phone numbers, exits, etc. I was able to clean up the extraneous data and clean out the garbage and make this pretty quick. Enjoy!!

Garmin 770RV

great job

Wow, ask and you shall receive:)
Miss Poi

Travel America Reply


Thanks for the quick response to my inquiry. I'll think of you whenever I pull in to a TA for a diesel fill up!


updated info

I am new to this but am into computers an just got a C550 Garmin and am working on a poi file that will actually call the truck stops, (am workign on others too), that will let you if you have a bluetooth compatible gps. is this something anyone would be interested in? let me know