City Navigator 2008 Update - Duh!


Just installed the update on my Nuvi 660. Thought my stupidity might save someone else a stroke. When I was ready to install, I put the DVD into my CD player drive. I have an older Compaq that has seperate drives for the CD player/burner and the DVD player. The CD player spun and stopped, no data found. I tried several times, and also attempted to use the "start" line on the computer. I figured my CD played was shot, so I tried a music CD which played perfectly. I was trying to figure out how to respond to Garmin, and get a DVD that was working, when, out of a fit of hopelessness, I put the DVD into the DVD player. To my surprise, it started to work, and did work. I had only read the directions about 25 times, and it plainly said DVD, and I still put it repeatedly into the CD drive. Once it started, it took about 45 minutes to install on the Nuvi. My computer isn't state of the art, and I guess its a lot of data to move. Moral: Use the DVD drive, and leave plenty of time.


A good tip, seasoned with humorous comments, makes the best of both worlds.
U d man, Niles!

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Blank out...

It happened once in awhile for me too eventhough I am in IT field just blank out....