nuvi 660 Recently Found/Favorites


I'm new. I can't get the hang of Recently Found and Favo(u)rites (I'm Canadian, eh?)
I can clear all entries in Recently found, but I'm looking for a way to add selected ones to my Favorites, and dump the rest.
What am I missing?
I've installed v.4.20, BTW

This is simple. Go to your

This is simple. Go to your recently found places select it and observe the blue "save" button under the big green "Go!" button. Save all the ones you want to keep, then go back to the recently found places and observe the blue "clear" button next to the "back" button.

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Thanks. In every other

In every other screen, (I'm new), the "GO" button sends me on a wild goose chase, when I'm sitting at home trying to figure out what's going on.
I just did what you suggested, and it works.
Thank you.
(I did say that I am new)