Route/mapping question: road doesn't exist as mini-route via poi?


There's a relatively "new" road I travel every day. It's been there for ~3 years now. It was basically made by making a 4-lane through a few fields, that connected to a couple curvy 2-lane roads.

It cuts 10 minutes and a couple miles off the old way of travel (using the two curvy 2-lane roads).

Is there a way to get a Zumo to use POI/Way points along this new road (that shows up as..field? beside the road...) when routing a ride through that area?

It's annoying to hear the voice prompt me to return to the designated route, blah blah...when I know I'm on a road that'll get me there faster. smile

Probably not

Well, you could manually set a POI in the half-way point on that road and set your Zumo to off-road mode. But I would suspect that it would then take many other short-cuts across open fields besides just that one.

I wish we had the capability like I had with Delorme Street Atlas with GPS. I could "draw" in a new road and it would use that for routing after that. Of course that required using a laptop and co-pilot to run it while driving. Not exactly pocketable & convenient like my little Nuvi.


If you create a point (it can be a Custom POI or a Favorites) and add this point to your route, you can possibly make the Zumo navigate through it since the Zumo will navigate routes that are a combination of on and off road. However, since the Zumo in Car/Motorcyle navigation mode is going to keep you on actual roads that it has in the database, you will probably have to program the route in MapSource and transfer it to the Zumo and then select that route for navigation rather than letting the Zumo autoroute.

Note, that there's no way to make the Zumo automatically use this point in it's navigation. The other thing to do is to turn the navigation volume off or down for this part of the trip or not use navigation at all until you get past this point if you know where you are going.

Is it really necessary?

I love to play with the navigation on my Nuvi, too. My wife is constantly asking (with all the sarcasm she can muster) how we ever found our way to the kids house or the mall or any of the other places we've been to hundreds of times without the GPS unit? I tell her its so I know exactly how it reacts in places I know so I can use it more effectively in places I don't know (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!!)

But since you know the route (it's your daily commute) and you do it all the time, why the importance on that new segment? I worry far more about all the other "new segments" where I don't normally travel that I may need as I travel somewhere new. Unfortunately, the only cure for that is a map update which comes all too infrequently, as far as I'm concerned.

In another thread, someone brought up the idea of wireless updates [almost] as they occur as the future of the industry. That I would love!!

OK, as I re-read my comments before I post it, I realize I’m being a killjoy. Sorry about that… never mind! smile

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