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My wife just purchased a 660 for me (and her smile).

They're amazing! Going to our kids sports often entails multiple schools. I don't know where some are. The school POI is just the perfect solution. No more last minute Google maps and print outs.


Joys of parenting

Welcome to the site, I am glad that you have found a useful POI file to help you in the daily craziness that most of us call "Parenting".

I have not entered that stage of sporting events and other after school activities, we have a preschooler and a first grader.

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The kids are a blast. We're

The kids are a blast. We're in prime sporting age now and for the next few years. We have a 7th grader, 3rd and 1st. Between all their activities we run an avid bus/taxi service.


I too use the Garmin for this reason..I save them as Favorites and have them Labeled as Baseball Game #x or Soccer Game #x, Soccer Practice etc...This way all we have to do is say the game practice is on Field #1...I also save the nearesty 7-11 store for a slurpee ride home!

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