For <$300, what do you recommend?


I'm looking at and getting confused by many models (mainly Garmin). I'd like the following features:

--audible road names
--good receiver
--US and Canada pre-loaded (as I might make it up north next year)
--<$300 before taxes

Other than that, I don't need much. The Nuvi 260 offers both (at Staples on Black Friday for $249), but perhaps another model would be better in the long run. From what I can tell, the c3xx series lacks the strong receiver, and anything below the Nuvi 260 lacks the audible street names and/or Canada.

I don't want to hack to get any features, nor do I want to spend a lot of time downloading information.

I've looked primarily at Garmin because of the name, but I would be happy to consider any suggestions.

Thanks for all of your replies.

Recommend C-550

C-550 , Bluetooth with it. Or NUVI 260 without Bluetooth.

Best regards

Nuvi 650 at Costco online $299.99

Costco online has the Nuvi 650 for $299.99 - Valid for orders placed November 16, 2007 through November 26, 2007 while supplies last.

They also have the Nuvi 250W $299.99 and the Nuvi 680 $479.99

nüvi 660 & 670 - Hello I'm a Mac :))


I bought the 200W online at Costco in Sept for $299. I just ordered the 650 tonight. When it arrives, I will return the 200. I love their return policy. Even though its 90 days now its still a great policy.

Returning after a long period of use !!

You will return your product after 45 days. SCH 2006, do you think it's fair to do that? I think they will ask you some questions i hope ?

From what I can tell, the

??? Maybe I am just too new at this game but I have the c340 and it seems to have a strong enough receiver for me. Check out the reviews at

For $229, I think that it is well worth it.
Your mileage may vary....


Just ordered my 650 from

Just ordered my 650 from Costco, online, price was $299, $9.44 S&H, $21.66 for NJ Sales tax, total of $331.09.

I'm happy.

John - with a Garmin 650 and a 750

Mio 320

I don't have a huge need for a GPS, but a decent *entry-level* GPS that I have is the Mio C230.

I purchased it from for $179. However you will need to also order a USB to miniUSB-B cable to hook it up to your computer and a SDHD storage card if you wish.

I have had it for about a week, haven't had the chance to really mess with it. I like it because it is portable and I can slip it in my shirt pocket when I go for walks and track my route, time, and speed of the walk. After my Thanksgiving trip I plan to start to hack it and see what else I can make it do. During my Thanksgiving trip I plan to give it a good work out, see what it can do and review it.


Thanks to everyone for their responses.

I'm leaning towards the Nuvi 260 ($249 at Staples), but at $125 ($105 at Staples after accounting for a $20 gift card with purchase), the TomTom One 3rd Ed. seems like a great deal too.

Nüvi 200W 224.99 shipped

FYI the nüvi 200W is $224.99 shipped from

Nüvi 200w

nüvi 660 & 670 - Hello I'm a Mac :))

Nuvi 200W

Thanks for the info, but I'd probably spend the extra $25 to get the street names (on the 260) even if I have to forgo the nice widescreen (on the 200W).

Still, at $105 for the TomTom, I might be able to put up with some inconveniences....