I'm new to the site and have found a ton of useful info that is greatly appreciated. My question is, if I've downloaded a set of POIs that someone else originally created and then I updated it with new locations due to new store openings, should I upload it, or send the file to the original author/creator to upload?


First ...

Give the original author a chance to update by contacting them through the forum/site's contact system, and, they should note in the file's page somewhere that it was updated, and give you credit for the updates.

If they don't respond, I'd ask Miss Poi for further direction on how she'd like things done.

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I am really glad that this

I am really glad that this topic is on the boards today. Very soon the new system will be in place and if you have a new location to add to a file, you just fill out a form online and submit it to the file.

It then goes into a moderation queue that the maintainer of the file (or admin) will be able to verify and accept and you will get credit for that location.

Jon and I are really excited about this new system and I think that he is gearing up for it's release this week sometime.

Miss Poi

P.S. we will start by beta testing this with a few select files.

Wow! That sounds awesome!

Wow! That sounds awesome! A great idea!

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This is an excellent idea...

This is an excellent idea... I cant hardly wait to test them... There are a number of portland metro restaurant that I think would be beneficial when added.


I agree with what jj4mvp stated.