Garmin 2008 Map update not worth it for Canadians


I have had my C330 since March and used it for a trip to L.A. It can in handy for sure but I noticed that there were major roads missing here in Canada. I purchased the update just today. It took several attempts to get the map date into the unit. I have bot a Mac and a couple of PC's. The Mac stopped after about 50% and said unable to query the device. One PC crashed just trying to load the DVD! It is now loaded and to be honest, I can't see any difference. I browsed to a road that was a dead end but four years ago has bee connected to the next road east. This is a major road. There is another major freeway expansion that is still missing.

All that is annoying enough but this update will not completely fit on the C330. I can have Canada or the US and not both. I use this more for travel and that travel takes me to the US and more than not the deep South West. It isn't possible to run the update unless you have an internet connection. You would have to run it once on the way down and one on the way back!

I had tech support on the phone today and he is going to send me a version 8 recover disk to get my unit back to normal. When that arrives I will restore back to the old version and see if the store will refund my money.


Robert Woodcock

right.I didn't find some

right.I didn't find some place on 2008 map.

What you don't know, won't hurt you

If you know the routes, then take them. If you have no idea where you are going, a GPSr will get you there eventually.

you should be able to load the other maps on a SD card.

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No need to update

It isn't alway needing to know where to go. If I need to find a store or a gas bar and that no longer is there then I waste time and gas. That has already happened several time. I was hoping that a map update would correct for some of that. It appears that unless the map item is at least five years old, and is still there, you will not find it using the GPS. Updates should be better than that for the cost they charge.

Yes they do offer the other map on SD card but that also cost half the price of the unit. It might be easier to buy a new unit. It costs less!

Robert Woodcock

SD Card

RWoodcock wrote:

Yes they do offer the other map on SD card but that also cost half the price of the unit. It might be easier to buy a new unit. It costs less!

You can load the other map on your own SD card from off of the disk. Blank SD cards are cheap.

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SD Cards are cheap.

I picked up a 1 gig sd card locally for only $13. I have seen them on sale at for only $9.99.

Many have told me I can load my POIs and mp3s onto my Nuvi 350, and they are right. But with a gig of storage on the SD card, and given the fact my Nuvi finds everything on the SD card, I figure... hey don't fix what is working.

I think the 330 can read SD cards??? If so, I think you could put maps for Canada into your Nuvi and maps for USA on the SD card and both would work. You might play with that in that one set of maps may be bigger than the other and because of the bigger size might be slower on the SD card.

On another note...
I also will be receiving the infamous cd that Garmin puts out for the Nuvi. Thanks to the people on the forum, I found out that Garmin will ship it but you have to ask for it and tell them you want to manage your waypoints and then they will verify your address and send it free.

The forum rocks!

Free Mapsource disk

I just received my mapsource disk the other day. It took about three days to receive it. You should be aware that you need your unlock key to open the program after loading it on your PC. You can get this from your regitered account at the MY Garmin website or off the original information that came with your unit if it was included in the box. I received my update via Garmin over the internet so my key was on the website. Once I put in the key the program worked fine.

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