Garmin DriveSmart 66 or 76 Orientation Options?


I am considering upgrading our Garmin DriveSmart 60's. One feature of the 60 that I really like is its ability to change to Portrait or Vertical orientation.

I downloaded the Garmin DriveSmart 66/76/86 Owners Manual and this is what it says:

Display Settings
Select Settings > Display.
Allows you to set the display to portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal).
NOTE: This feature is not available on all product models.

By any chance could anyone who has either the DriveSmart 66 or 76 please let me know if they support portrait or vertical display?

Drivesmart 86

The Drivesmart 86 has portrait mode capability.


My DS 76 has this option and I prefer the straight down mode.

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But too big if not!

jackrabbit000 wrote:

The Drivesmart 86 has portrait mode capability.

I love that one such as many Big Screen on Tesla or American cars now.

I tested it but only one thing I don't like if it's too big to keep on the vent or too big to look into my info dashboard car.

and it don't have camera like 76 one.

ofcourse all in one never be good plus camera in 76 not 4k, only 1080 and quality very bad at night.

but the idea is good and give you back memory the one which is I cannot remember exactly in the past with high end model. You can do portrait and never seen it again until this model.

Love to see more tech from Garmin even I can't afford them like before, but still enjoying enough

Good luck and let's us know your favorite one!

Sorry but that was so hard to read…

Still can’t understand what you are talking about and I read it more than once.

What about the DriveSmart 66?

Still wanting to know if the DriveSmart 66 has portrait or vertical display?

As we have learned both the DriveSmart 76 and 86 support it, and the Owners Manual states: NOTE: This feature is not available on all product models. This makes me think it very well might be the DriveSmart 66 product model that does not support Portrait display.

Picture of DriveSmart 76 in Portrait Mode?

metricman wrote:

My DS 76 has this option and I prefer the straight down mode.

Metricman - Is there any chance you could post a photo of your DriveSmart 76 in Portrait mode? I only ask as this morning I contacted Garmin Technical Support and they reported that ONLY the 86 support Portrait Display Mode.

A DS65 does NOT

I was disappointed to find my DS65 does not. Where I had it mounted on my 2011 Highlander landscape was the only option, but on my new Palisade there is room for a portrait position.. (but only in the size of a DS65)

In the "map" position portrait would be better, but when using the keyboard to type in an address you could not beat landscape.

Lives in Edmonton AB A volunteer driver for Drive and now (since June 20 2021) uses a DS65 to find his clients.