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I have a trucker friend considering a nuvi 660. When vehicle selection is "truck" does it actually know which roads do not allow semis? Not much info is available on Garmin's site. GPS's made special for truckers that take all this into consideration are quite expensive, $2000 and up.

Your comments appreciated.

I don't believe so, I

I don't believe so, I believe what it does is try to keep you on major roads, I don't believe it actually knows if you are legally allowed on the road or not.

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has no idea of truck routes,

has no idea of truck routes, low overpasses, etc. just keeps trucks off roads they shouldn't be on. due to Navteq not wanting a ton of law suits on their hands they won't be able to add that information. what if they say to take this route, but the truck hits a low overpass? geez!!!

Truck Setting

On my c550 the truck routing feature does NOT keep you on truck routes. In fact, I'm not sure if it makes any difference at all. I would imagine it's the same with your 660.

I know that when I drive through Atlanta, it wants to take me straight through town on the Interstates rather than the loop as required. It has also tried to route my 22-wheeler down "truck prohibited" streets in many areas. I just ignore the routing and follow the truck route signs with Karen recalculating all the way.

The reason that a truck specific GPS would be so expensive is the incredible amount of modification that would have to take place to input all the low clearances, weight restrictions and road restrictions. Not to mention the liability insurance that would have to be carried by a company that provided the extra information.

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Well my c530 DOES know the

Well my c530 DOES know the truck route on SB I-5 N/O LA. Ive switched it from Auto to Truck while traveling down I-5 and it reroutes me on the Truck Route. That's the Truck Route that is now closed from that big accident a few weeks ago in the tunnel.

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I pretty much thought as

I pretty much thought as much. That it would keep you on the main roads and not necessarily have all the prohibited streets and overpasses included. Especially since there really is no real mention of it in their documentation. However, I wanted to get some first hand data from those who use them everyday. Your comments are appreciated. Any 660 specific info would be welcomed also but others like the c530 probably share much of the same mapping algorithms.

False Advertising from Garmin

I spoke to Garmin after getting a Nuvi 760 (when compared to the C330 and Nuvi 660), and I got this email from them:

Dear Eddie X,

Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

I will be more than happy to assist you with this. The Nuvi 760 does not
offer vehicle type for truck. The routing capabilities is not anything
less than the other Nuvi's that offers vehicle type for trucks. The
vehicle types were added in hopes that the future mapping will allow to
integrate with this feature. Our mapping provider does not include this
feature so we are unable to use this for alternate route.

With Best Regards,

Maria S
Product Support Specialist
Automotive Team
Garmin International
913-397-8282 (fax) Att: Maria S

Basically, all their units share the same maps with nothing specific to the trucking/RV industry.

Hope this help.

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