FAQ Submissions


I've added a new option under "Create content" that active users can use to submit a FAQ.

The option to add a FAQ only shows if your user account currently has active status (i.e., the windmill).

The FAQ won't appear on the site right away. Miss poi will need to look it over and link it from the appropriate FAQ subject(s).

If you're planning to add a FAQ, please mention it in the discussion forums so there will be less chance of duplicate work.

A few users have already submitted FAQ content via email. This new option will save a few steps in the publishing process.


Thanks Jim, that will be a

Thanks Jim, that will be a nice feature;)

Miss Poi

I like the way you cleaned

I like the way you cleaned up the faq page. Thank you!

Very cool, I just noticed under topics “Before Posting Questions”. Slick! That will work like a charm.

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Yeah, I didn't know that

Yeah, I didn't know that "stickies" as they are called on my other forum could be used here, very nice.

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