POI's speed on Nuvi 660


Good morning. I think I need an assist.

I downloaded the Trails, Schools, and Parks POI's from the POI Factory Website onto an SD card. When I inserted the card into the NUVI, the NUVI asked me if I wanted to download the new info from the card to the NUVI. I did, but I'm not sure I should have. Anyway, the Trails and Parks POIs work fine, but tapping on the Schools POI causes a 30-45 second delay before the list comes up. Once it does, and I tap on a school name, there is another 45 seconds before the information is displayed.

Is the database too big? Should it have remained on the card? Any tips I've missed?

Thanks in advance for any help. - Larry

Let's try a smaller file

I ran a test and loaded the three POI files you mentioned (237,949 locations) on a StreetPilot i2. They're coming up in a second or less on this model, so it looks like the nuvi 660 may handle large files a little differently than some of Garmin's older models (just a guess at this point).

I'll send you a subset of the schools file for just your nearby states. If you'd be willing to try loading again with the smaller file, this might speed things up.

I'll send an email with file attached shortly.


-- If anyone else is seeing slowness with larger files, please post to this forum and share you're experience.

POI speed on Nuvi 660

Thanks, Jonathan.

I removed the large 7.5 Meg "Schools" database and substituted the 344 K "Schools - NE" database you sent me. I now have the combined POI file of "Parks," "Trails," and "Schools - NE" installed on the Nuvi 660. The "Schools - NE" information displays in about 2 seconds, as does the "Trails" information. "Parks" was a 3.5 meg file before I combined the files with POI Loader. That one takes a few more seconds to display, but not long enough to be an issue.

Thanks for the help, and the learning opportunity. - Larry

looks like the nuvi 660 may handle large files a little differen

I had the same problem too....I went to best buy and change me nuvi 660 for a new one i told my was not working ...

Carlos Alvarenga singh

You should try usering the

You should try usering the PIOloader if you do nout want to user an SD card going forward.