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i just got my unit nov 17 (yesderday)i downloaded your poi but i dont know what to do with it. yes when i open it its in an excel format. what do i do next and how do i see it in my gps.

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loading POIs on nuvi 350

Hi cheerg --

You'll need to use Garmin's POI Loader software to transfer the POIs to your GPS. You can find step-by-step instructions in the faq & help section on this page:

* Loading POIs with POI Loader

If you get stuck or have any questions, just ask. There are quite a few nuvi users registered on the site, and we'd love to hear what you think of your new GPS.


At the risk of sounding too

At the risk of sounding too pedantic, it's really not in excel format (which would be xls or similar).

It is a textfile with fields delimited by commas. It happens to have the filename extension .csv and Windows boxes use filename extensions to associate files with a partiular program (excel in this case).

You could just as easily associate .csv with Notepad or any other text-handling program.

Example: a webpage is not in Internet Explorer format, but .html webpages are associated by windoze with IE.

Other operating systems do not necessarily assign any meaning to filename extensions. I bring this up because believing that .csv is Excel format can lead people to make assumptions (and adopt practices) that are unproductive.

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Harley davidson

Can anyone tell me if all the HD poi shops are availiable for download


We don't have a Harley Davidson file at POI Factory, but I can setup a POI type if anyone wants to volunteer for the project. smile


poi files and a bitmap

Why is it that when I load custom poi's and a bitmap icon 24x24 using exactly the same name cept for the bitmap in the same folder I cannot see the icon on the screen when I am approacing the site..I have a Garmin 340..The alerts work but no bitmap just the same ole checkered flag..Thankx