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I didn't see anything in the manual about it (could have missed it but don't think so)....was stuck on I-77 in West Virginia for three hours and not smart enough to try it. On I-95 in Florida I hit traffic stoppage and tried the detour button - it wanted to send me 8.7 miles down I-95 (where the traffic was) and then someplace else. Luckily I was next to an exit and took it anyway, remembering the general flow of Route 1 - then the Garmin took me down Route 1 and back to I-95 (worked fine - missed the traffic). The question (in a large nutshell) is: how do you use the detour function and what do you do if it tells you what is obviously a bad answer?

In the event of what you

In the event of what you know are bad instructions I'd do what I know is correct and the gps will recalculate which generally does a good job anyways.


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Traffic Receiver

I have the GTM 12 traffic receiver hooked up to my Garmin C340 and it works great in Atlanta (where we have good TMC reception) and when I run into traffic issues it routes me pretty effectively around it. I would consider getting one.

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Sounds great. One of the

Sounds great. One of the worst traffic grid lock situations we encountered was a couple of summers ago approaching Atlanta from the south on I-75 in our 36 foot motor home. Unfortunately we only had GPS software running on our laptop. It sure would have been nice to have had the C340 we have now with the GTM 12 traffic receiver. We don't have the traffic receiver yet but it sure sounds like it would come in handy.


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