Nuvi660/ poi loader problem


I downloaded a file in .csv and tried to use the POI loader and receibved dialog box with
"There was a problem transferring your custom POI's to your device. Please try running POI Loader again". I have 543 Mb on system plus a 2GB SD card.

Any ideas??

BTW I am a newbie on this site

check the simple things first

Make sure the SD card is in facing the correct direction. It's been reported that it may fit both ways. If you are using a SD card that is.

Make sure you direct poi loader to the correct folder containing your poi file.

Make sure you direct the poi loader to the correct destination you desire.

Uninstall/re-install and try again.

If using a MAC, search this site.

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Which file

Which csv POI file are you trying to load?


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load to SD card

i would suggest that you try loading the csv into your SD card.

I personally load everything into my 4gb SD card. I try and stay away from the internal HD.

Can not explain it, Needed

Can not explain it, Needed to be in admin for loader to work. Today do not. Thanks guys

You should always be an

You should always be an admin of your own box, I work with software, and most of our issues are due to permission issues.

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