Zumo problems with POI file


Being new to the GPS game, I've worked hard to learn as much as I could in the past 2 months. This forum has been great. Since the beginning, I've been d/l'ing information and POI files that appear to meet my needs as well as creating a POI file of western North Carolina attractions in Mapsource that I will upload as soon as it is ready.

However, I've recently (past 2 weeks) had a problem with my Garmin Zumo 550. The display has not been able to keep up with my travel and I end up with a blank screen except for the vehicle icon. It appears that it can not draw the map fast enough to keep up.

After contacting Garmin and several days of work, including reloading firmware and map updates, I believe that I have a corrupted POI file that is causing the problem. I remove all of the POI files and the unit works great but the problem re-appears after loading my POI files (five POI files, small number of total points). I'm in the process of determininbg which file may be causing the problem. Has anyone had the same type of problem with a POI file?


Yes, I got it several months ago. On mine, I think it was caused by a sound alert file because once I removed the sound alert, the problem went away.

However, over on the Zumo forum, a bunch of guys reported problems when they loaded the Harley Dealers file. Some thought that the problem was related to the distance they had the proximity alert set. Some thought that the file was corrupt.

If you go over there and search for "screen freeze", you should find several discussions.

If it's a corrupt file, then the recommended strategy is to add them back one at a time until you have a problem. Then look at that file.

Thanks, I'm on the Zumo

Thanks, I'm on the Zumo forum as well. I will try the search there and, after a couple weeks of trying, I believe that I will finally be able to resolve the problem.