Garmin factory installed poi's lost


I installed some custom poi's from this site and after done the installed poi's from Garmin are gone. Where can I find that file, it is not on the disk that came with the unit? I have a 660.

This is a new one

I have a 650 and I've loaded/unloaded POIs about 100 times by now and the Garmin factory installed POIs are always there.

Can you tell us the steps you are using to select the factory POIs vs. the custom POIs? Maybe we can duplicate your issue.


Thanks for help

For your information I have fixed the problem by using the restore in the system menu. I had been accessing it by under "Where to?"; then "Food Lodging" and tried different places, where I am, favorite places, it just wasn't there, till I found the right restore button.

thanks for your offer of help.

Garmin factory installed POI's lost

Did you resolve how to add new POI's without losing the installed ones? I just bought a Garmin Nuvi 660 yesterday and when I tried to use the POI loader, the options were either 1) overwrite the existing POI's or 2) remove all the existing POI's. I hit cancel since neither option sounded like a good idea.

I put the poi's in my

I put the poi's in my download file. When you use the poi loader it just takes them and puts them all in the nuvi. I have ordered a sd card for additional storage. I had my nuvi loaded with audible books and I think that I ran out of space and it just took out the Garmin poi's. I deleted one of my books and had more room. That is just whatI think.

POI Loader

POI Loader gives you the option to delete all previously installed Custom POI's (only the custom ones that you previously installed - not the factory installed), or to install new POI's.

You would choose delete if you want to clean off you GPSr. If you choose install, you would then direct POI Loader to the custom POI folder you have created on your PC and install your new POIs. This will overwrite/reinstall all previous installations.

There are ways to avoid reinstalling previous custom POIs each time you run POI Loader ... you'd be best served searching for those threads on this site - no need to start that whole conversation again!