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New GPS owner, and confused. I drive a motor coach and it would be helpful if I could add files to my GPS which will result in specific "points of interest" (to me) being depicted along the interstate as I drive. I have created some waypoints using EasyGPS and uploaded them to the POI folder on my C550. They are indeed depicted on the map as intended, but they also show up on my favorites list. I don't want to navigate to these points (they're not destinations) and when I delete them to keep them from clutering up my Favorites List, they totally disappear from the map also. What am I doing wrong?


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Further Clarification:

I want to always depict restaurants which can quickly feed 50 customers at once, but without seeing every POI in the data base (which I can do by increasing map detail above "normal"). (i.e. the Cracker Barrels but not the Olive Gardens and not all the fast food restaurants and stores, too). Maybe adding POIs is not the answer? Could proximity alerts work?



roskilde wrote:

Could proximity alerts work?

That will probably make it do what you want, if you can put up with all the alerts.

For some reason, POI's with Proximity Alerts are displayed at lower zoom levels than normal. I don't know if it's proportional to the distance set, or if it's just a "Yes/No" flag - but it definitely has an influence.

The other approach is to embed POI's in your own transparent map-then you can choose your own zoom level. See http://cgpsmapper.com to start your new adventure ;-)

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