WOW!when I told one of the supervisors of one of the dept.'s I take care all their vehicles about the GPS,like the C330 I have which the price I paid got the Companies attention,and using it as a tool for saftey because you do not have to look at maps and hit someone from the rear for looking for direction(I never did),and saves a lot of time too.
The CO. okayed the GPS for some of his guys.CO.bought about 4,and he ordered about 3-4 more.The C330.
My Co. is big,it covers all of Calif.
It would be up to each area Dept. to get all GPS.
I use my a lot,and what a life saver,and cuts a lot of time down of looking at maps.I'm a Field Mechnic for 30 years.Wish I had the GPS years ago.I could not find my way out of a brown paper bag,no kidding.
If the crew doesn't have a address for me I tell them just give me city,street name and away I go.Thanks Garmin,and every one on this site,I love the Red light camera too!Thanks miss poi.

Your welcome, welcome to the

Your welcome, welcome to the site.

Miss Poi