Opinion on the Magellan 2200T?


Originally, I was using the Magellan 760. Worked well WHEN the satellites were found which sometimes took up to 15 minutes. Being frustuated over that, I sold it and...

recently got the Garmin Nuvi 360. I was amazed as to how small it was, how fast the satellites were found, etc... But the one big gripe I had was that it didn't allow me to exclude a route like the way Magellan did. What I mean is that when I input a destination, the Magellan allowed me to click on a particular route and know that I don't want to go that way. It would re-route me to another use the Lincoln Tunnel instead of the Holland Tunnel for ecample. The Garmin would direct me through local traffice just to end up taking the same tunnel, not "smart enough" or designed to find another route before I actually hit the road.

So, I'm going to give Magellan another try and will be getting the 2200T soon. My concern is the amount of time it will take for the satellites to found me. Does all Magellan takes this long?

Also, 1.5 million POI seems very little, I believe the 760 had 6 million POIs. Where can I find the same Magellan file that would give me those POIs that I'm used to with the 760 into the 2200T. Thanks!!!

I love My 2200T

When I turn on my GPS it seems to find my position once I turn it on. When I check the satellites it hovers between 9 and 11 with good signal strength. I live in Albuquerque, NM which is the biggest city but I live on the outskirts so there are not many things that would interfere with my getting a signal. I love the system and the only complaint I have is that the system will tell my I have arrived at a location when I am a few 100 feet away. Since this is my first GPS system this may be normal but I have nothing to compare it to but I really do love it and have found it a useful tool.


thanks. How about the POI...do you where I would be able to find the same file that normally goes into the other Magellans which has about 6.5-7 million of POI?

According to the usermanual

According to the usermanual the POI Manager Software, that comes with the 2200T unit, supports ASCII file format (.asc, .csv, .txt); GPS Exchange file format (.gps, .xml); Magellan Waypoint file format (.wpt, .rte); and Garmin PCx5 Waypoint file format (.wpt, .rte). You should be able to upload your old POI file using the software.

Hope this helps.

Built-in POIs

I too have noticed that Magellan (and TomTom) include a lot fewer built-in POIs with *some* of their models. I don't know why they do this (perhaps to reduce costs or maybe to differentiate models in their product line).

As far as transferring "built-in" POIs from one model to another -- it would be a fun project if permitted by the manufacturer's license agreement. I doubt any allow it, but it might be worth checking.



I sold the 760 and didn't keep any of the CDs. Would you be able to point me in the right direction to get the POI file?

my 2200T

I like my 2200T.
Got it from Costco for $250 and does the job.
I went to San Antonio for a week and drove to Dallas and Corpus Christi.
It took about 3 to 5 minutes to find my location once I turned it on. One on, it worked fine to take me to my destinations. good directions and the volume was adequate.

No complaints... for now.

Magellan 2200T Piece of Sh*t

Although the price on this unit is very competitive, and the streets are announced by name, The POI database is the worst POS I have ever experienced. I tried to put in "Home Depot" but there are none listed. I tried to search for "Post Office" and it returned a location 35 miles away... past several post offices. You cannot search by name only.. you must somehow know what category they have decided to put the location into... and even then it is most likely not listed. Why do they have $200 and $500 Magellan units.... because if you do not spend $500 you had better have the address of where you want to go.. don't even think about using the crap*Y POI feature to find anything nearby... they don't even offer an upgrade online.... Stick with the TOM TOM and don't even waste your money on Magellan CR*P.