Garmin Nuvi 350...Need Help


I downloaded several POI sites onto my Nuvi 350 using the POI loader. After viewing the actual info, I'd like to delete several of the sites.
I found a file in the Garmin folder called poi.gpi, GPI File, 169KB, which looks like what I downloaded into the custom POI area. It doesn't look like I could selectively delete specific sites, but rather will have to delete all the files and then re-download only the sites I want, which I don't mind doing.
My question and concern is...can I safely delete this file, namely "poi.gpi, GPI File, 169KB", without deleting or corrupting any of the POI info that came with the unit??
I'm new at this and don't want to do anything that will compromise the data in the unit. Would greatly appreciate any help!

deleting POIs

The safest thing is to use POI Loader again with just the categories you want to use. POI Loader will erase the old data before it transfers the new set of data.

The poi.gpi file holds the custom POIs you've transferred. I always recommend doing a backup before deleting files (just in case you make a mistake or something doesn't go as expected).


Many thanks, that handled

Many thanks, that handled it!