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Good morning all,

I am a recently retired guy with a new C340 toy to play with. My wife and I recently took it for a joy ride through the central Texas hill country to see what it could do. As the newer generation would say.....this thing Rocks!!

I am looking forward to learning a lot from this board and possibly making new friends along the way.



Welcome to the club;) Miss

Welcome to the club;)

Miss Poi

Hello and welcome!

Congratulations on your retirement, and welcome to the POI Factory. You will find that it will help you get the most enjoyment out of the new toy! smile

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The same here-newly retired with a c340 and having a blast. Don't have to hear my wife saying, JUST ASK SOMEONE!!.

Welcome-Any questions feel free to email me or address the group.


Alan-Garmin c340

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Thanks for your warm welcome. I am looking forward to learning the ins and outs of this fun little machine.


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Welcome to the POI Factory Its a Grrrrrrreat Site
and Congrads On your Retirement

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Welcome to the insanity

Welcome BeltonXpress

There are more than a few of us with AARP cards.

You only thought you were getting out of the Rat Race!

LoL, we really do have a good time least we try to.

You'll have to try out the Texas Wineries. I took my wife to Fredericksburg last weekend for her birthday..not nearly enough time to visit (and taste) all the local wineries.

GPSr worked great as always. Feel free to ask your questions.

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