Browsing POIs (in other cities)


I use garmin Nuvi 350. Is there any method of browsing POIs in another cities with or without another additional add-ons?

***Garmin Nuvi 350/StreetPilot c340***

Yes ....

- From "Where to?" click "Near..."
- select "A Different City"
- select "OK"
- enter city and tap "Done"
- select city of choice from list
- search POIs

There you go!

Thank You

Thank you very much.

***Garmin Nuvi 350/StreetPilot c340***

accessing poi

I downloaded bunch of CSV files on a SD card and inserted that card to my Garmin C330. How do i make sure that Garmin really accesses it?



The 330 won't read Custom POIs from the SD card. You need to use POI Loader to load them from your computer to the unit itself.

On the 330, the SD card is used only to load additional maps.