POI to tpe file format?


I had a need for a program that converts GA Repeater POI and converts it to a tpe file format. I use the file.tpe to import to my Amateur Radio program Link700 for my Th-D7g and TM-D700A radios. Unable to find one, I decided to write on in Java. I've only tested it on the GA Repeater list for Amateur Radio. It is a command line input, so it requires Java to be installed. Anyone have a use? If so I can make a .jar file and upload it. Then comes the question how do I upload it and to where?


I'm also using Link700 to a

I'm also using Link700 to a Kenwood TH-F6A. Having a problem with ARRL's TravelPlus Repeater s/w. It dies when I try to export a tpe file. Thought if I could discover the structure of the tpe, I could try adapting MS xcel file to look like a tpe. Sounds like you may have some knowledge to its structure.

Can I get information or a link to follow that explains it.


Bill Davis