Toll Roads, Bridges etc.


I am slowly putting together a single file listing of toll roads, bridge & tunnel tolls, booth locations and costs. So far I've used the files for the NE USA, NYC bridges and tunnels and Assuming there is interest, I would be happy to develop a file covering the US and Canada.

While there are many areas with toll cards (I would like them as well - I.e. The New York State Thrughway) I'm really interested in tolls ON the road, bridge or tunnel causing one to slow/stop and give out money. (I am constantly looking for the right change when I see a toll but invariably either take my eyes off the road or wind up in the wrong lane too late to change.

If interested perhaps Miss POI could orchestrate. I'll do the work but I need some "eyes on the road". I suggest we only use auto tolls for now!