1000 places to see before you die


Is anyone familiar with the tv show on the travel channel callsed 1,000 laces to see before you die. They also have a book out for that as well..

Wouldn't it be really fun to put the list of these locations together?

Anyone interested in helping? I"m new here so i'm not sure how to go about organizing a project like this.


I browsed thru the book once...

... and was not impressed. Someone playing dictator and telling me what I should like and enjoy definitely rubbed me the wrong way.

I'd much rather have a bunch of POI files on this site, and let people decide for themselves what they want. The files I've created and posted have been downloaded something like 4,000 times since about Thanksgiving of last year. That to me is success. And I'm happy that I've made so many others' lives a little bit easier, and given them greater access to enjoy the places that I think are special.


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I have to agree

I would have to agree.. One can make many poi file and the per4son then can download themand do a cut and paste to gewt the ones you want to really use. There are so many choices out there and I am finding everyone have a differnt idea what they want..

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GPX file available

"100 Things to Do Before You Die" gpx file available here:


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