Convert Favorites to a POI file


I'm sure this has been asked before - but is there a way to convert the favorites on my 660 to a POI file?

Barry - Nuvi 660 and 2 Nuvi 765's

You can export them

One way is that you can export them via Mapsource and then save them as a .gpx file which you can then use as a Custom POI file.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

Still another way...

I have a nuvi 650 and I save my "Favorites" to my PC on a regular basis. After connecting the nuvi to your PC you should find Favorites on your 660 in this location;


e.g. mine looks like this;


I like to edit that file with easyGPS to add some enhancements that the GPSr won't do with the touch-screen options.


additional question about EasyGPS

I found the "Favorites" in the path you indicated - thanks. Now a question about EasyGPS. When I open the current.gpx in EasyGPS I can see my favorite locations but there is no map displayed in EasyGPS. Is that correct or am I missing something.

Barry - Nuvi 660 and 2 Nuvi 765's


No there's no map.

I too do not have a "map" window..

In easyGPS. In the main screen of easyGPS the left side shows the "waypoints" ( this term is not entirely accurate for a nuvi ) and the right side shows the points relative to each other and to their respective lat/long. I only use this program to edit the waypoints. I will use Yahoo or Google to verify the accuracy of the lat/long values.

Question about the address conversion

Thanks for all the suggestions. But now I have another question. When I created my "Favorites" I did that by entering in an address. However, when I try converting the "Favorites" to a POI using either method mentioned above (Mapsource or EasyGPS) the address that I originally used to create the favorite is not included in the POI I created. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to manually enter the address in the new POI file?

Barry - Nuvi 660 and 2 Nuvi 765's

You may be on to something

I saved a location using the address screen also. I copied my "Favorites" file ( current.gpx ) from my nuvi to my PC and tried to edit it with easyGPS. I know the address is in the file because I opened the same file with Wordpad. See xml code below:

wpt lat ="39.580865" lon ="-105.130211">
name>Dairy Queen
gpxx:StreetAddress>11727 W Ken Caryl Ave

The big BUT is, easyGPS doesn't show any address info in the GUI.

I guess I'll find another gpx editor or do everything in Wordpad. ( perish the thought )


I'm going to try a new program

It's XML editor and I found it here;

So far it's a little bulky in the GUI department but it might get around some of the limitations of easyGPS.

More to come.