What are the Badges Icons for and what do each of them mean?
Like for instance what is up with the Atari Logo Icon?

("Badges, Badges? we don't need no stinkin Badges")

Thanks Dallas

some of them you can

some of them you can actually just right click and view and their name says it all, like :

those are the three I saw.

Poi Factory Icons

We use badges here at the Poi Factory to help us recognize and give credit to those that are actively involved and contributing to the community. The first badge is a contributor badge, it shows you who has made a POI file for our databases. We also have the moderator badge that only Jon and I have so that you can see who the staff is. We have a windmill that shows you who is an active member, meaning that they have made a post or a poi file in 3 of the last 5 weeks.

The newest badge is the contributor of the week trophy that I give out every Monday to the person that has made a big impact on the site in the previous week.

Now the Atari icon is the pic that a member has chosen as his avator.