DriveSmart 65 Bricked


I routinely use Garmin Express to update my various devices. Subsequent to updating my DS 65, I could no longer boot completely, normally or in boot loader (file transfer) mode.

I entered into the recovery menu and possibly one solution is to boot from an SD card. What files are required for the SD card, I possibly could copy from another DriveSmart that I Own?


Before assuming it's bricked and making complcated changes, run Garmin Express again for the software or map update. Some of the time for my GPSs, the map update does not complete. It is no problem to run it again.

Also, make sure to charge the battery fully before updating. Since Garmin GPSs no longer come with a wall charger, this has become more of a problem. Charging from a USB port is not enough.

A low battery while updating could cause the update not to complete.

See this recent thread:

agree with battery

I thought my GPS was bricked, I used a wall USB plug with 5a USB service, left it plugged in for hours. It came back to life.

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DriveSmart 65 Bricked

I plugged in a USB wall outlet, tried also the car adapter. no luck, even put in a new battery from eBay.