What Maps Do You Have On Your Garmin In Addition To City Navigator?


I recently got the Minnesota OnX Hunt Chip and installed it in my Garmin Zumo XT. Since there was room on that micro SD card I added some additional maps. That gives me the following:

Garmin City Navigator 2024.20

Open Map Chest Midwest (Open Street Map)

Onx Hunt V 21.0

Garmin Cyclemap/Latin1 BBBike.org (Dec-2023)

Garmin North America DEM

Garmin National Parks V2

Garmin TopoActive Norther America 2022.20

VV Mapping (ATV/UTV Off-Road Maps)

I still have a bit more room on the micro SD card.

For those here that have added additional maps onto their Garmin GPS, which ones have you added that you found to be useful?

I am leaning towards adding some addition Open Street Maps. There are a number of them to choose from.

From the list of map choices in the list below, I am inclined to select something from the Worldwide list or the North America list.


Depends on the Garmin

For use on the dashboard of my car, and cars I rent at travel destinations, I've used a 3597 with just the standard Garmin map for more than half a decade. Only in the last year did I stop using it when I'm at home, as I prefer the onboard function of my new Tesla. But I still depend on the 3597 for destination car rentals.

For out-of-country travel I've relied for well over a decade on an eTrex Vista HCx. While I've bought a couple of Garmin-supplied cards for that (I think one topo and one North America streets), the main dependence has been on maps from OSM or BBBike for foreign travel.

While the onscreen appearance of maps from those sources on the tiny eTrex screen leaves a lot to be desired, having the "map that knows where you are" along when walking in a foreign city is vastly comforting to me, and sometimes downright useful.

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What Maps Do You Have On Your Garmin In Addition To City Navigat

We too a couple of trips to Europe & Ireland so I bought the European Maps from Garmin and loded them up.

They actually worked pretty well.

In Ireland, many of the roads have no street signs, but I was able to estimate the locations and input the coordinates of the B&B's, restaurants etc. It worked surprisingly well.