new 2024.2 maps finally released



Just finished the update, took 15 minutes with no problems.

Already a dedicated thread on CNNU

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Updated my DS55



Woohoo, finally. Still doesn't have my street, lmfao. 3+ years, where do they get their data from?

Still not mapped

I just checked my wife's Dr's office address and it's still not mapped. Says address not found, he's been there for 4 years now.

Finished updating...

my 2495LMT.

Installed maps

Maps installed shows CN North America NT 2024.20 All Canada & Mexico.
CN North America NT 2024.20 All US

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CNNA 2024.20

There are 2 threads on this, but this one seems to have the most posts, so I'll add my comments here.

I have updated 4 of my devices: Driveluxe 51, two nuvi 3597's and my old nuvi 755T. No problems on any of them.

But the old nuvi 855 seems to be at the end of the line for map updates, whether updating the device directly or with cloning. Garmin Express still offers a map update on the 855, but when I select it all it offers is 2024.10. If I proceed, it reinstalls 2024.10. I have tried all the past tricks with cloning that allowed me to update to the newest map, but none of the tricks seem to work any more. Maybe I am missing something, so I will be interested to see if any other POI Factory members are successful in updating an old 8xx series nuvi to 2024.20.

It doesn't really matter as I no longer use the 855. It was more an exercise in curiosity to see if it could be updated.

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FYI on my Windows 7 Professional computer & DS65

So, starting Garmin Express I was forced to upgrade to V7.16.3.0 No other option. when that was complete I was offered to upgrade to V17.18.4.0 but with an option to decline (which I did). Then had notices about software and map upgrades, selected install all. Started @ 0704 by 0717 it was all done. Software v10 Map 2024.2

Remains to be seen what if any improvements I notice.

EDIT one day later. No improvements in that top bar that shows the road ahead. Still misses major crossroads and shows "some" of the minor ones skipping a lot more.

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what will be in the new maps...

On it!

On it!

Hope your all happy!!!

Probably no different then last one.

Go Dawgs!!!

They just updated the date

They just updated the date codes and changed compression factor. Lol.

Absolutely false

zx1100e1 wrote:

They just updated the date codes and changed compression factor. Lol.


N 33.11165 W 96.67252

Compare 2024.10 to 2024.20. Changed and updated. One of many, many updates.


for the update

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

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Just Updated Our Two Units...

2455LMT and 2555LMT.

Started by installing Garmin Express on new laptop. No problems. But Garmin has gone back marking "Launch Garmin Express on computer startup" by default . . .SIGH

Each install took about 35 minutes and went smoothly. myMaps installed shows CN North America NT 2024.20 All Canada & Mexico and CN North America NT 2024.20 All US.

Don't see any big changes in our area, but have not had time to explore much. Time will tell smile

Thanks for the heads up.

Will update as soon as possible.

Updated just fine

Both my 3597 & my DS76 updated just fine.

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Garmin City Navigator North America 2024.20

I updated three of my Garmins to City Navigator North America 2024.20.

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I really like being able to update them wirelessly!

New Map: W7 and findings

Used my W7-64 laptop with GE
Note that that’s last W7 version.

Issue 1: GE said it needed an update!
Told it no! Update was done on

On 2X 2689LMT Garmins, both with 16 GB cards, it updated to latest map, and other needed programs.
On first run it prompted it needed reboot. Not sure if this is map or other update it needed to do. Said there was 3x updates. I had stripped my 2689LMT of unnecessary files (like I did years ago on 660), and mine is still loading full NA on internal Memory. Not Wife’s. Her 2689LMT updated to 16GB card

Also note: GE no longer says map update is also for my old 660. Prior GE would. RIP 660!

So far, so good!

It will take a while before I see if Catamount Drive (The cattle pasture masquerading as a paved road!)
Has been removed or not!

Also updated both with my favorite latest POI’s and cameras

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