still hopeful


The last 5 days I've encountered various random acts of people being nice.

That makes me hopeful society will always go on despite struggles and disagreements.

Some of the things were quite ordinary, Shop Rite and Costco.

Another was interesting.

Due to the holiday, the lap pools are totally swamped. It's so awkward standing on the pool deck, waiting for a lane to open up. And I feel uncomfortable when more than we are waiting, I hate getting into that we were first, thanks.

I saw one woman ask another if she can share the lane, and that woman didn't respond and glared. So she just went into the water, which is what I would have done.

After 5 more min of standing there shirtless, with my son, an older guard comes up and says excuse me, you can swim there if you like, while waiting for a lane.

It's the program pool behind, where family swim is conducted, and it's empty.

I said oh, we can? But with no guard?

She says, we're sending one. You can ask us anytime there are no lanes available.

I said oh, I didn't know that. Thanks!