Memorial Day


It has been said that a person who has died is never forgotten as long as their names are pronounced. I want to remember two friends that died in Vietnam. PFC Jerry Day Leak, US Army and LCpl Ronald P. Coates, US Marine Corps . Both died a few months after arriving in Vietnam. Another, LCpl Richard Schwier, US Marine Corps died not in Vietnam, but as a result of Vietnam, many years later through suicide. Let us not forget the sacrifices that were made, not only by these three men, but by all of their brothers and sisters that have died protecting and serving this great country of ours. RIP brothers!

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Agree. Had a couple of

Had a couple of friends who didn't survive Vietnam, and another who did survive, but with most of his lower jaw blown off by a nearby mine.

I am thankful for their sacrifices and that I was serving stateside at the time never having to go thru that. But still I think about it after all these years.

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Remember those who served.....

All gave some and some gave all. God bless.

God bless all those that

God bless all those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Never Forget

May we NEVER forget all those who served and particularly the ones who never came home.

Mansions of the Lord

John from PA

We Shall Never Forget !

We Shall Never Forget !