BurgerKing Closures


BurgerKing Closures:

EYM King of Michigan is closing all of the company's locations in Michigan by Apr 15. Closings are due to "unforeseen business circumstances" and failure to reach an agreement with Burger King Corp.

I have included a listing of these locations along with the number of
employees that are being affected.

Dearborn Heights: 20401 W. Warren (16)
Detroit: 2155 Gratiot Ave. (8)
Detroit: 9871 Livernois (13)
Detroit: 8201 Woodward Ave. (14)
Detroit: 18021 Kelly Rd. (20)
Detroit: 20200 Grand River Ave. (22)
Detroit: 13600 W. McNichols Rd. (22)
Detroit: 15500 W. Seven Mile (21)
Detroit: 20240 Plymouth Rd. (25)
Detroit: 12661 Mack Ave. (11)
Detroit: 9239 Gratiot Ave. (9)
Detroit: 17440 E. Warren (30)
Detroit: 16245 Livernois Ave. (14)
Ecorse: 3863 W. Jefferson Ave. (11)
Ferndale: 10336 W. 8 Mile Rd. (26)
Flint: 3625 South Dort Hwy. (25)
Flint: 3801 Clio Rd. (18)
Highland Park: 13324 Woodward Ave. (13)
Livonia: 28203 Plymouth Rd. (10)
Livonia: 34835 Plymouth Ave. (19)
Royal Oak: 31456 Woodward Ave. (17)
Southfield: 23660 Telegraph Rd. (19)
Southfield: 30711 Southfield Rd. (7)
Walled Lake: 1113 E. West Maple Rd. (8)
Warren: 2411 E. 8 Mile Rd. (13)
Whitmore Lake: 9774 E. M-36 (13)

At this time, I plan on leaving these locations in the file in hopes
that maybe this can be resolved in the near future.

was just watching about this on channel 7 ...

These locations are not likely to reopen . That is certainly bad news for all employees involved.


it's the dog's fault

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Sorry to hear that

Hopefully the employees will be able to find other work very soon.

Burger King Closures

In this economy, finding other work won't be a problem.

The work is there, but the people aren’t

Jim1348 wrote:

In this economy, finding other work won't be a problem.

One of our better restaurants had to recently close, partly due to a leasing issue but also because they could not get reliable wait staff. This was in a college town and the college had 17000 students! People today don’t want to work. A local news article this week said that 82% of parents are paying part if not all of their kids (18 to 24 years old) cell service, car gas and maintenance, living expenses, etc. The average amount paid was stated to be around $1400/month.

John from PA

Here is the rub

I'm one of those parents pitching in to help my two (27 & 29) kids, but here is the rub. I failed them when they were young and did not save for their education. It was hard enough to be a good provider with my poor choices, but at least I could recover with hard work, night school, and living expenses that were manageable. My kid's college debt is three times my first mortgage and I can't believe what rents are going for these days. Yes, I help them out, but I also do not finance bad choices. Don't ask me for money with a fresh tattoo on your forearm. At a minimum you're going to get the dad speech. But I have to say it seems like the challenges our young people face today starting out are much steeper than my twenty something days.

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College is not for everyone

My son started college after he graduated from high school. He lasted less than six months. He then tried car sales. No money in that. He then went to work for a company making silicon wafers, but the company closed the location where he worked. At that time, he asked me what he should do. I told him to take up a trade. He went to the career center and studied HVAC. He now makes over $70,000 grand a year and bought a 5 bedroom house three years ago. He enjoys the work and will never have to worry about being unemployed again.

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