White Flag instead of Icon in Custom POI


My 780 RV is only showing white flags for the Custom POI locations. It use to show the associated icon (BMP). Not sure when it changed. It doesn't matter how close I zoom in, it is always the white flag.

Search Google and POI Factory, but could not find anything to help.I also reloaded the files with POI Loader.

BTW, my 770 RV still shows the associated BMP files.

Anyone else with a 780RV (or other model) seen this happen?

White Flag instead of Icon in Custom POI - Followup

After several emails with Garmin Support, and a lot of testing on my part. I determined the white flag only shows when leaving the Custom POI on the SD card. If copied to the GPS unit, it will show the .bmp icons.

Garmin support said they will not be releasing any new updates for the RV 780, and to replace it with a newer model. May have to do that anyway, as now it will not recognize the power cord when plugged into to the truck.

Moot point if you need to

Moot point if you need to replace it anyway, the white flag is very likely the sd card having a problem and not being accessed quickly enough so the CPU never gets to see the BMP files. Similar to on a computer when some sites load very slowly pics have a placeholder but no picture.

For the heck of it try the power cord in the truck without the SD card in.

White flag? Surrender?

White flag?