unexpected outcome at dentist's office


I'm not afraid since this year we have $1500, $50 deductible, and 100% or 0% copayment.

Went to dentist who fixed a chip, took maybe 30 minutes. Was done by polishing a "ledge" where the enamel meets the dentin.

When I got to the receptionist I was ready to pay $50 for today, knowing anything going forward is free up to $1500.

The receptionist asked the dentist what she did, and the dentist replied there's no charge today.

I was thinking this is probably what it was like in the 1970's when things were personable (I heard doctors met mothers at the hospital when they delivered, today it's who's on rotation).

Was just yet another one of those hints that humanity still exists. lol

Same dentist for more than 40 years

It's probably been two decades or more ago when, while using a proxabrush at night before bedtime, the go-between brush refill broke off at the point where a small hinge bends the twisted wires to hold the tiny brush securely to the brush handle.

I tried for about 30 minutes to pull the tiny brush from between two of my back molars. No luck, and I couldn't find a tool that would allow me to grab the tiny stuck brush. The broken wires were rubbing the inside of my cheek and it was quite uncomfortable.

The next morning I phoned my dentist and described my predicament. I was told to come to the office immediately to have the broken wire brush removed and they would fit me in between the regular patient appointments.

With the right tool and good lighting, my dentist removed the broken-off brush in about a minute. Relief!!!

When I went to check out with his receptionist, I was told there is no charge.

I have been going to this dentist since 1978 since he first set up his practice after serving a short time as an Air Force dentist.

I remember asking my dentist how much longer he was going to practice and he replied,"ten more years", and that was probably more than five years ago.

Don't forget to check later

Don't forget to check later if the dentist ended up making a claim against your deductible or copay. Happened to me once.

Yes, same here.

Yes, same here.


ceevee wrote:

Don't forget to check later if the dentist ended up making a claim against your deductible or copay. Happened to me once.

a good tip.

The interesting thing is I don't believe I would have gained anything.

Our coverage this year is $1500 max, 100% meaning 0% copay, and $50 deductible.

I'm getting a night guard next visit. Last insurance would have been $162 out of pocket with a $50 deductible, because that insurance was 60% coverage with a 40% copay. I would expect this one would be $50 deductible out of pocket.

So I'll pay $50, either at the last visit, or the next.

But it's the dentist who gave up their charges still, if they ultimately don't charge me. I didn't gain anything in reality, other than to be the recipient of the goodwill.