New Garmin Dash Cam Live


Has anyone tried Garmin's new Dash Cam Live?

In addition to monitoring driving conditions, it will also keep tabs on a parked vehicle and notify the owner via a cellular link to the Garmin Drive app on a smartphone. Older product versions also do this but require an active WiFi connection which limits the coverage area. The subscription cost can be as high as $20/mo though so it isn't cheap.

I would also be a bit concerned about the LTE cellular service it uses. LTE is slowly going away and I would hate to add another expensive product to the list of potentially obsolete devices I already own. 3G LTE is being phased out now and 4G may go away in the next decade.

In any case, the Dash Cam Live looks like an interesting product.

yes and no

I did test new version and don't like them. Tested 2 versions; one 1080p and one higher quality and both cannot pass quality at night or high speed vehicles. You can't even see clearly the plate at night compared to other models on the market today.

plus as you said, subscription is expensive for low quality product.

but I still use it on new integrated camera 1080p with new 760 nuvi.

Still waiting for higher quality products from Garmin, in the mean time I need to use other companies names.

Good luck to find yourself the best one. Enjoy!