Warning: Popeye’s ….


I love Popeye’s extra Spicy hot Chicken!
Unfortuneately, since retirement from Chicago to Waynesville, NC in 2015, Popeye’s has been out of my grasp …. We did do it once in Asheville, but they screwed up the order that day, 30 miles away, and when we opened ip bag, we had wrong order!
Loving hot Chicken We visited ROCKEY’S HOT CHICKEN…. And received any Hot-ness we wanted!!! Ashville, NC. 50 miles away.
Imagine our face when Popeye’s opened inWaynesville!!!!! New Store open 2-3 days… I better check up on them!! Remember Asheville??

First, they screwed up the order: We ordered dark they provided mix. Second.. We ordered extra Spicey. They no longer cook Extra Spicy… WTF??? But suggest: “Cajun Sparkle”. ??? What is that?? Our new spicy sauce!!
We found out: 90%SALT, 10% heat!
That, too wasn’t in bag.. When They then put it in,they added Louisiana Hot sauce. Now you’re talking!!
That was as remembered.
When home, we added our own hot pepper powder!!!
Now I have “Extra Spicy!”

Pass on the ‘Cajun Sparkle’ unless you like Salt!!

At this point….. ROCKEY’s Hog Chicken In Asheville is my preferred Hot Chicken Restraunt!!

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I am spoiled by

A restaurant in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. Called “Monkeys”, NO it’s chicken!
First off they do chicken like KFC had done “CRUNCHY” and spicy. Second is that chicken breasts or legs are 4 times bigger and at 1/3 the price.
But it’s about 40 miles away.
My second choice is much closer at 2 miles away, but they do not make spicy but nice and crunchy.
A whole chicken about $ 10.00.

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JanJ wrote:

I love Popeye’s extra Spicy hot Chicken!

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Well, there is a Popeye's

Well, there is a Popeye's POI file that was recently updated, so there is a relationship.....

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I wonder

if their customer service is dependent on the region. They are awful in our area. There's a coupon for free whatever on the receipt, and more than 1/2 the time they would say they don't accept it, when they were the ones who generated it in the first place lol

Then, they will say their CC machine (what is that, a CC machine, it's not a machine, even a street vendor these days accepts CC and apple pay etc.) is down, do you have cash?

What I really want to know, is what's the secret process to an associate putting the pieces into the box? It takes 3X as long as anywhere else, but it looks as if they're looking for something then selecting, so I was just wondering if anyone knows how they do that (not being sarcastic, want to know)

Just one more

I have a Popeyes within 1 mile from home but would rather drive further for KFC or Swiss Chalet or any other chicken place.

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Chickin' Lickin'

Chickin' Lickin'

Many Years Ago, . . .

. . . long before Popeyes founder and local icon Al Copeland sold his fried chicken business to a big corporation, I had the privilege of a short but pleasant conversation with him in one of his restaurant locations here where it all started. Very likable guy if you don't make further judgements about marriage and family choices. The Popeyes location I frequent more often than any others is within a half dozen blocks south of his long time lakefront home on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. He later moved across the lake, but while living there at the north end of Transcontinental Dr., he also became famous for the annual display of Christmas lights, figures, and animations which altogether drew so much power it necessitated the local electric utility to install beefier transformers for the duration. BTW, I always prefer their "mild" version and really miss the onion rings which were removed long ago from their Sides Menu.

things have changed

the one in Raleigh is not what I remember when in NH long ago. Things have changed.