do you think I owe duties on a FedEx delivery?


Cupholder broke again (actually spring weakens and arm falls off).

It was jammed shut, but I forced it to open, and then jammed open and arm dropped down.

I replaced this part when I got the used car in 2016 with Toyota OE. At the time eBay for $140.

Now, eBay is $190 with a list of $295. For a cupholder.

So I saw one from Japan, brand new OE, $114, ordered it Thu night 9/22.

It's out for delivery now. I had thought that I would need to arrange to pay the duties before it's released. That's how it works, at work.

Do you think the FedEx driver will collect the duties? I doubt it?

If duties are owed, I'll let it not get delivered and have it held at the copy center, and pay there.

I took out the console and fixed it, but the right arm is weak due to the spring. It took all of about 15 minutes and from online, the dealer charges $800+ for the parts and labor. Dang.

p.s. the one from Japan is black, and mine beige. The color is only seen on the leading edge of the cupholder--so I can live with a 1" strip being black. But I'll keep using the current one until it breaks again. The strip by the way is seen looking from the front back (say from outside the car looking in), not when you're driving. That's why I'm ok with black...

Looks like you only pay for

Looks like you only pay for commercial use items.


Any commercial importation, i.e., not for personal use, is subject to entry requirements and payment of applicable duties, fees, and taxes.


Are there customs fees from Japan to US?
Depending on the type of product you plan to import, you will have to pay a customs duty on goods shipped from Japan if they are for commercial use. Certain goods are duty-free according to the harmonized tariff schedule of the U.S. (HTSUS), whereas other goods do require duty to be paid.

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not for my wife

My wife occasionally pays for things that arrive from Europe or Russia. Generally they get final delivery by USPS, but there has never been duty collection at the time of delivery for them.

So my guess is no.

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I saw the FedEx guy coming so I asked him, he said no, I'll leave it on the steps.

Pretty impressive process. I ordered the part on a Thu. night. On Friday afternoon the following week (8 days), the part was delivered, from Japan. OE as if I picked it up locally.

Again, $114 vs. $190 eBay, list price $295.

It's no surprise I'm sure just how much mark up there is on auto parts. When my uncle was in the business he'd routinely get parts for me, literally at the counters of the local dealerships, 50-60% off list. At the time, it was easy to get 30% off list on the internet and no tax and no shipping. That's a pipe dream today. If we get 20% that's good and there is shipping plus sales tax. List prices have also skyrocketed, which now makes me feel glad I always stocked up on maintenance items, to my wife's criticism.