Motel 6 bmp - where's the beef?


I noticed a Motel 6 bmp but don't see a Motel 6 POI file in the alpha listing. So if there is a file, I'm not seeing it. Is there any use of the bmp without the file?

There are quite a few bmp's

There are quite a few bmp's on the site that do not have files that match, I added them in case people have these in their personal collection outside of the site. At some point we may have that chain also.

Miss Poi

Building a POI File

Thanks Miss Poi, now I understand. This of course brings me to my next question. How does one go about getting the coordinates for many of the files posted here?

It's a relatively easy task to build a file that lists all of the locations for a particular interest/service/retailer/etc., but I'm mystified how people are able to find/get the lat/long on such a grand scale.

I would like to try and build a few POI files, but find the coordinates a daunting task.

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The search box at the top of the page can be your "geocoding"....

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