Downloading old Garmin maps


I have a Garmin 3590LMT that I have updated to 2022.25.

I don't actually use this device for navigating: I use it as a legitimate source for Garmin maps that I load into my 2012 Dodge Journey. The Journey's built-in navigation is provided by Garmin, and is very similar in capabilities to the 3590. It even supports Junction View, even though the car did not come with that included.

The Journey's vendor-supported, paid map upgrade path has been discontinued. The official word is that map upgrades were supported for 5 years, although I don't know how many actual updates they ever made available for purchase. It was definitely not the same frequency as what Garmin puts out.

The issue I'm running into is that the Journey's built-in storage is limited, and the size of the maps keeps increasing. The upgrade process the car runs is as follows:

  1. Copy the new files to internal storage
  2. Validate the new files
  3. Delete the old files

So if the internal storage is not large enough to hold both the old content and new content simultaneously, it can't upgrade.

The workaround is to perform two updates:

  1. Update 1 (small update) excludes JCV and ASR files; it only includes gmapprom.img
  2. Once Update 1 succeeds, the old maps, JCV, and ASR files are deleted, leaving only the new img
  3. Update 2 (full update) includes the new img, JCV, and ASR files

To make this process faster and more likely to succeed, it would be nice to have an older, smaller gmapprom.img to use for "Update 1." The oldest map update img file I have saved is 2020.10, which weighs in at 2.8 GB.

I know Garmin has JCVs available for old releases on their website, but the same can't be said for img as far as I can tell.

Is there any way to get an older (smaller) map file from Garmin? I don't want any of the "unlocked" files found around the hairier parts of the web. The Journey would reject anything that isn't an original Garmin map file for "CN North America NT ALL".


Not sure if this helps

When you do map updates the maps are left in the folder C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map. They are in folders named Map_Map.NA2021.20 or similar and each folder is 6+ GB. Perhaps you have some old maps on a PC and they may be of help?

John from PA

Checked for old files

Unfortunately the older ones have been cleared out. Thanks for the info!


Images or backups?

Do you have any "images" or backups from years past on, say, USB drives? If so, you can go back and find files from years ago.

I use Macrium Reflect and have several USB Passport drives that I rotate to make "images" of my computer.


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You could try and use the garmin base map for the intermediate map ? I would rename this small base map the same name as the expected usual map.

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