Garmin Drivesmart 65, 60


My Garmin is always plugged in, I use it because of the backup camera.
But I have been noticing that the POI's loaded onto the device aren't always
there. I have to turn it off and restart, Anyone else having the same issue ? If so have you fixed it or is their an issue with Garmin GPS's

I am thinking about going to a different GPS, Do most of them let you upload POI's
Any one happy with someone else's GPS

Thanks Pete

Peter Dutcher

DS 55

I'm using my DS55 with a BC40. Mine is always plugged in to a switched 12V outlet. I have 5 custom POI'S installed and don't have any problems with them not showing up.

The only thing I notice now is when I start the car, the backup camera turns on. When I drive forward, it switches to the Warning/Agree page, then switches to the main page Where To/View Map. Before when I would drive forward, it would instantly change from the backup camera view directly to display the map. Not sure what changed.