Windows 10 Update



That’s a version in “beta”. Do you like to potentially be on the short end of MS’s testing efforts?

From May 11th “Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.985(KB5003173) to the Beta Channel and Release Preview Channel Insiders,. running Windows 10 21H1 build. This security update includes quality improvements. Find the change log below.

Security updates to Windows App Platform and Frameworks, the Windows Kernel, Windows Media, the Microsoft Scripting Engine, and the Windows Silicon Platform.”

John from PA

That isn't beta

That isn't beta, it just is being put out as optional for right now. There are 3 levels of beta testers and this current release is past all 3 of the betas.

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But not the full story…

Microsoft regularly releases testing preview builds of Windows 10 operating system to the public. These testing builds are known as Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. These builds are released for testing purposes so that users can test drive them and provide their feedback and suggestions to Microsoft. It helps Microsoft in improving Windows 10 operating system. Once a preview build is finalized, it’s released as a new version or feature update for Windows 10 to public.

Needing my PC for business purposes, I’m not inclined to do updates until they have been used by the public for a few weeks.

John from PA

not beta

I got this six weeks ago on the insider slow ring ; non work laptop;
this is long ago debugged and this release is public

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It's an optional update for now on my PC. For anyone wondering what's included in the update:

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Has something changed since May 11th

John from PA

Windows 10 - Build 19043.985 (21H1)

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this is no longer beta. It is on my update page and is downloading now. My page is not set to get beta versions.

I did too and no problem it

I did too and no problem it took awhile though

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Lost track...

Three or for reboots, but it all seems to have gone well.

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Turn on or off weather info on Windows 10 taskbar

The update went OK. The only problem was after the update I had a news and weather in task bar area. If you want to remove it see

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Very quick update

Well that was quick. Download and install was under a minute. Then a restart. Then I noticed 2nd restart needed. So total about 2 minutes. I don't remember an update ever being that fast before.

Windows Hello Face.

Notice also on the Windows 10 . The feature for Windows Hello Face. Found in settings, accounts and sign in options. Message we couldn't find a camera compatible with Windows Hello Face. Try several options recommended to fix problem, but no success. Maybe new camera driver to be released later.

Same problem with Hello Fingerprint.

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Windows 10 update!

Update installed. Thank you

Yes, MS got very picky about

Yes, MS got very picky about the hardware requirement for Hello. My FP sensor on my HP laptop will no longer work even though there is no driver problem with it.
They did the same for the camera specs, requiring specific camera resolutions etc. So the only way to make Hello work on old hardware is to update the hardware. For most people that is a none starter.
That occurred MANY revisions ago.


Just updated Win 10 to 1055