For fans of The Rifleman....Johnny Crawford has passed away.


I hadn't heard, thank you

I hadn't heard, thank you for posting. I'm a Rifleman fan. Saw Johnny perform with his band several years back.

RIP, Johnny Crawford

The Rifleman was a great show. It was one of many Westerns during the 60s and is still watched today.


It airs on the MeTV channel everyday.


I remember growing up as a kid in the 50's and 60's watching The Rifleman. Always liked the show, probably still do. Just happened to watched a couple of old episodes a few weeks ago.

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Hated to hear. It. Man, a

Hated to hear. It. Man, a lot of the great people I watched in the 60’s are going away. I’m 61 now, so I know add a good 25-30 years on top of that, and they would be in their late 80s to 90s. Hope I make it to my 90’s just so I can harass my daughter, lol. Have a great week, everyone.

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I always enjoyed the show and still do. But, some of the things that the shows writers did with his character. I would sit (still do) in front of the TV and think, why did he do that? Why didn't he listen to Lucas? But then I think, typical kid. I was like that. So, it was kind of like looking at kids and teenagers as they really are. Johnny was a fantastic singer and I enjoyed listening to his music. I believe complication of Alzheimer's was the cause of his death.

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I was fan too.

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RIP Johnny

That's sad news. I did like "The Rifleman" and the "Mickey Mouse Club" as a kid. Subscribers to Disney+ can see his appearances as one of the original Mousketeers, and in fact I had rewatched two or three of the first MMC episodes only recently. In one obituary I read, they quoted Johnny as saying he got fired as a Mouseketeer after the first season because he kept looking at Annette Funicello. I think he was 9 or 10 years old at the time! Precocious guy!

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Yeah, it is hell getting

Yeah, it is hell getting old. One looses all memory. Thank God for MeTV keeping old memories alive.


Sorry to hear this, RIP. FWIW, I thought his father was not a coward, and got a raw deal from the Army. wink