Bluetooth-capable phones


I have a Garmin 360 and a Verizon XV6700 phone that is not currently listed as being on the list of being compatible although it works with just the basic functions. Is there anyway to download or upgrade my 360 to use all of the different blue-tooth function functions the it is capable of performing? I tried to contact Garmin through there customer support web-site but got no response.


This is typically an issue with the phone and/or provider and not the GPSr. I believe people have reported that Verizon does something with the Bluetooth on the phones in their system to reduce its functionality. You might try testing it with another phone and/or another provider.

But to answer your question, there's nothing you can do on the GPSr side of it.

360 Bluetooth update

Have you used web-updater to see if there is an update to the Bluetooth code you are running?

I bought my 360 around Christmas '06 and I think in Jan 07 there was an update for BT.

Otherwise, Motorcycle Mama is right; it may be the limitation with your phone.

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)


Daniel just what funtions are you looking for?

I had a Garmin 350 and it worked good with my Verizon cell phone. I could access my address book and various other things. MotorCycle Momma is right it all has to do with your phone.


I have a Verizon xv6700 and

I have a Verizon xv6700 and yes I updated my BT software on my Garmin 360 but still cannot get it to work. The Phone works but I cannot access my phonebook.


Ah, now I see the problem. This is a Pocket PC phone.

Check out this article and see if it helps you. Remember, this is an issue with the phone not the GPSr.

Also, just a hint for the future, since the Smartphones and PPC phones are different from regular phones, you might get better answers by indicating that initially.

Blue Tooth

As someone in the technology industry, I think I can explain this mess....

Blue Tooth is a method of wireless connectivity. Most BT is going to work with other BT devices...EXCEPT PHONES!

The phone companies change the BT on their devices to get you to use THEIR BT equipment. So, Motorola uses Motorola, LG uses LG etc...

Garmin has done a pretty good job of compatiblity, considering the greedy goobers in the phone companies. Update your GPSr, and update your phone. It is more than likely a problem with the phone, NOT the GPSr.

Haute, explain to me why my

Haute, explain to me why my motorola razr connects with bluetooth to my c550, but the text functions doesn't work when it should according to Garmin tech? I updated the c550 and I have the latest software for the razr? It's an alltell phone if that matters.


I have an LG 8700 phone and everything worked great till I updated my bluetooth software on my Nuvi 680 then my phonebook would not load...........still can't get it to load after unpairing and trying again and again.......since it worked before it's not the phone but the GPS...............Dave