Garmin express 7.2.2 running in cercle


I installed the latest version of Garmin Express, but it does not run. All I get is a Garmin Express windows and it run in cercle, I tried running it as administrator with the same result.
I tried everything I fund on the net with no result. I use Windows 10 up to date.
Any suggestion.

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Have you tried to uninstall

Have you tried to uninstall Garmin Express through the windows control panel, then rerun the setup program?

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Force close GE

Force a close of Garmin Express (GE) in Task Manager. Open the Task Manager by holding down Ctrl + Shift + Esc and then search for anything having to do with Garmin on the Processes tab, the Startup tab, and the Services tab. Disable or stop anything you see. Sometimes that requires a right click.

Exit out of Task Manager, uninstall Garmin Express, restart the computer, and then reinstall Garmin Express.

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Thank-you both for your

Thank-you both for your answers.
I found something in the start-up menu, de-activated it and deleted Garmin Express.
Restarted the computer, re-loaded Garmin Express with your link and now it words.
Thanks again.

Have a safe trip