How do you copy the L/L from a location in Google maps

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NOTE: These instructions are intended for “Newbies” (and experienced users also).
IMPORTANT: Google Maps and Google Earth use the Latitude in Col. A and the Longitude in col. B. Just opposite of Garmin. REMEMBER that.

1. Open your spreadsheet

2. Open your browser and go to Google Maps.

3. Enter the address or location name in the Google Maps search box and press “enter”.

4. Zoom in and use “Street View”, if needed, to verify the location.
NOTE: Sometimes the “Street View” is more current than the “Satellite” view. Many times Google Maps shows an empty lot in Satellite view, but it will show buildings on the lot in Street view. (“Street View” is opened by dragging the little yellow man in the lower right corner to the closest blue line that appears near the location. Sometimes there are no blue lines and you’re out of luck). Also, many times the street view in a parking lot is older than the view from the actual street.

5. Switch back to Map/Satellite view by using the arrow in the black box in the upper left corner.

6. Zoom in to the location.

7. Clear ALL of the text from the search box in Google Maps.
NOTE: If you do this after the next 3 steps, you will lose the info balloon mentioned below and have to start here again.

8. Place the cursor over the desired location.

9. Do a SLOW double click.
RESULT: An Info Balloon will appear near the bottom of the map. The first line contains the city or county or Building name, etc. The second line contains the city or county. The third line is colored grey and contains the Lat./Lon. Remember that it is backwards from Garmin. It will turn blue when you hover the cursor over it.
NOTE:Sometimes when you slow click on a location, you do not get the expected results (It may be the business name or something else). Just switch to "Satellite View" and then try it.

10. Using the cursor, CAREFULLY left click on the grey L/L.
RESULT: The L/L will appear in the search box.
NOTE: Copying the text from the balloon does not work well.
IMPORTANT: If you select any other text in the box, that other text will appear in the search box and you will have to go back to step 7.

11. The Lat./Lon. can now be copied from search box in Google Maps to your spread sheet or text/.csv file.
NOTE: You can use the “Double-Click” to highlight and copy the individual numbers. Just be aware that the “-“ sign is NOT highlighted with a double-click. A “Sliding” highlight works though.

12. Go back to step 3 or save and close your files.

Updated step 9 May 4, 2020