Garmin Basecamp Problems on Mac Catalina


I have been a long time Basecamp users Mac. I know many folks don't like this app, but I have yet to find anything else on a desktop that has the database capabilities like it. But now I'm looking harder. I was running Basecamp 4.8.7 on MacBook pro in Catalina with no issues until I made the mistake of allowing it update to 4.8.8. After the update it would no longer export any files to an internal volume including to backup the database (I have like 15 years of routes and waypoints). Garmin support was responsive but unwilling to really do anything to help me figure out how to save my data. Suggesting I uninstall and reload which would wipe out my data. I managed to find a way on my own to save my data to a backup file using a different laptop, putting in a time machine backup of the the 4.8.7 files.
So I then did the uninstall and reload of 4.8.8 on the original mac, which appeared to fix the problem initially with a couple test exports. After restoring my database, I imported a couple new routes from GPX, and then tried to make a new backup and Basecamp again failed as before. It just hangs up after opening the window to identify the export location. No error no nothing. only can be force quit by MacOS.
So it seems to be really flakey in Catalina. Anyone else experienced problems like this? Thanks!

No Problem, mostly, sort of

I rarely export BC files, so I figured I'd give this a try.

Making BC backup files was not a problem, never was.

I'm running a 13" MacBookPro 2018 with Catalina 10.15.3 and BC 4.8.8.

When I tried to export the entire BC My Collection, it failed and indicated it was out of memory. Don't believe it was out of memory, I have plenty. I also have about 10-15 years of waypoints, tracks and routes. Not sure how much in MB, but there is plenty.

I could export the individual Lists or Folders that are in My Collection with no problems. Can only select and export one List or Folder at a time.

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