Garmin Smartphone Link vs Garmin Drive App


What is the difference between Garmin Smartphone Link and Garmin Drive App I had installed Smartphone Link on my phone and have not bee that happy with it. When I was on the Garmin site downloading the new maps, i noted that ther is a Garmin Drive App. Does anyone know what it does and how it differs from Smartphone link. Thank you.

I think...

I think the new app is designed to be used only by a few of the newest automotive GPS devices like the DriveSmart 55 and 65. My guess is that trying the app not intended for your model may not work. Go here, then click Compatible Devices:

then compare it to this link's Compatible Devices:

I don't think any device appears in both lists.

thank you

it looks like a good app. Too bad it is not intended for the Nuvi 3597. I have tried using teh Smartphone link but wan not the happy with it.