Garmin Fleet 670


I have seen some Garmin Fleet 670s for sale on Ebay. Has anybody here ever used one? It looks like they are Android based. Is there any way to add other Android apps to it? My assumption is that it would be locked down and not easy to unlock it, but who knows.

Fleet 670

It certainly could be fun to have and use. It even can play mp3 audio.



I see no mention of adding Android apps.

Also, it is a model with a powered mount which many folks here like a lot:

And ...

"Sold only through authorized Garmin fleet management partners", so good luck in trying to order one of these wink . I guess eBay doesn't care but I wonder if you could get any support from Garmin. I think many of the functions available on the Fleet series requires a company back end server and special third party software. I remember when Garmin announced this, I thought it might be of interest to RV owners, but I don't think it is really available to the general consumer market.

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